The Restoration and Preservation Committee is the division of the club that handles river cleanups and ongoing maintenance of a few spots on the river. 

We do litter pickups both onshore and sometimes by boat for the trash that gets stuck in logjams. We also use weed whackers as well as other tools that help with keeping riverside trails, fishing spots, and picnic areas clear. 

One of the projects that the committee has been involved with for about five years is the removal the invasive honeysuckle bush on the shores of the river at Packard Park in Warren. The city of Warren recently enlisted the help of the Nature Conservancy to remove invasive species on the shores of the river in all city parks as well as some other areas. Our group looks forward to offering any help we can towards this worthy cause.

In September of 2020 the group had more than 20 volunteers show up to remove over 100 tires and trash from a section of the river in Pennsylvannia. Article below.

The committee has worked with many groups from the area such as Cityscape, Sierra Club, YSUscape, Tri County Cleanways,