Eastgate River Restoration

Eastgate has made an important article on the restoration of the Mahoning River high lighting dams that have had a negative effect. Also noted in the article are the phases as well as the progress on removing the dams on the Mahoning river. Below is the link to this useful article. Eastgate Mahoning River Restoration: … Continue reading Eastgate River Restoration

Petition for Mosquito Creek Wetlands

Below is a link to a very important petition that will hopefully help the Mosquito Creek wetlands not be developed on. Not only will the development hurt the quality of the Mahoning river that has had a comeback in water quality but it will also hurt the surrounding with areas with more flooding. Care2 Petition … Continue reading Petition for Mosquito Creek Wetlands

Mahoning River Watershed

There have been three watershed/biological studies on the Mahoning river that have been done in 1995, 2002, and 2012 showing the historical changes in the in the Mahoning. The river has changed for the better and the future will hopefully be even brighter. 1995 study: 2002 study: 2012 study: