Our Position:
The Friends of the Mahoning River advocate to improve the quality of the Mahoning River through education, restoration, and recreation. We are in favor of dam removal as one of the greatest ways to enable restoration of the river. 

1) Most of the dams have long ago outlived their usefulness…relics of a bygone era that have become more of a negative to the area. There is some concern that two of the dams are still needed for industry. We are hopeful the study being conducted by MS Consultants will provide answers that will allow for an ecologically restored river and each of these businesses to continue to thrive.

2) Each of the dams along the Mahoning River that are currently being considered for removal have contaminated sediment from the steel industry trapped behind them. This sediment is for the most part “capped” by years of “clean sediment” or soil. However, during extreme weather conditions and/or if there were a breach of one of the dams, this sediment could be released and poison the waterway.

3) In recent years, the health of the river, its tributaries, watersheds and wetlands have become more important to the public for maintaining its health. The dams detract from the river’s health.

4) There has been a dramatic increase in interest and use of the river for recreation, fishing, and its natural beauty. Low head dams are a great danger to kayakers and other boaters who use the river. Once the river is returned to it’s natural free flowing state, paddlers will be able to travel the river safely spurring economic development on it’s shores.

5. Dam removal will restore proper fish migration channels as well as return the natural flow of nutrients fish and other wildlife rely upon. 
from: new Board Chairman Tom Smith and the FOMR Board of Directors and Officers

For information on dam removals click the link below and be directed to the Eastgate website