2016 – 2017 Water Quality Monitoring Data

Click the map below to view the Friends’ water quality sampling results. An excel spreadsheet with this data is available upon request. Contact us to learn more.


Water Quality Monitoring

The Friends of the Mahoning joined Sierra Club’s Water Sentinel Program in 2014, with multiple members trained to measure surface water locations for physical-chemical parameters.

The program was revived in 2016 as a self-managed program that will collect data for information purposes and share with interested parties. Testing for selected parameters (dissolved oxygen, turbidity, pH, conductivity, temperature and oxidation-reduction potential was conducted at 11 locations in October 2016. Commencing with testing in May 2017, nitrate, phosphorus and ammonia will be added, as will additional locations, matching with sites sampled by the Ohio EPA during 5-year testing events. Plans are to add macroinvertebrate profiling in summer 2017.

These tests will give our organization a barometer for water quality that we can track, and potentially focus on areas of concern. Results can be shared for information purposes with regulatory officials and the public. This training will also allow us to institute educational programs with students/classes. People interested in being involved with the testing are encouraged to inquire. Contact us to learn more.