Friends of the Mahoning River seeks to educate the residents of our area on issues pertaining to the care and maintenance of the river. One of the ways we can do this is through the use of visual hands-on tools such as our River Table display. The River Table demonstrates the effects pollutants from industry, agriculture, and residential runoff have on our river.

It’s important that we teach the next generation of stewards the value of our river. FOMR intends to do this through programs working with local schools. We wish to provide speakers that will inform students about the history of the river, the flora and fauna the river supports, the recreational opportunities a viable river offers, and what they can do to ensure the river’s long term health. This is an area where our River Table display will be helpful. One of the ways we hope to work with students is to utilize our Water Sentinel training provided by the Sierra Club Clean Water Campaign.

FOMR also takes part in community events such as YSU’S English Festival. YSU English Festival is an annual program that promotes and cultivates reading and writing to about 3,000 residents from Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. One of the books chosen by staff for the children to read this year was Flush by Carl Hiaasen, which has an environmental message about polluting our waters.

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