Mahoning River Cleanups!

The Friends of the Mahoning River enjoys gathering for “River Cleanups” throughout the year. Together, we’ve picked up truckloads of trash, piles of steel, and helped clear out areas prime for kayak and canoe launches. All members receive regular e-mails inviting them to participate in our clean-up activities. Come join us – it’s been a […]


Hellbenders and Mudpuppies Found in the Mahoning River!

The Eastern Hellbender is listed as an endangered species in Ohio. Adult Hellbenders can grow up to 24 inches in length, and breathe through wrinkly folds along the sides of its body. They are often confused with Mudpuppies which breathe through external gills and are smoother in appearance. Both are harmless and are oftentimes caught […]


Mahoning River’s Girard Dam

The Girard Dam is one of 9 dams located along the Mahoning River. Dams build up sediment along with contaminants behind them and prevent natural migration and restrict habitat of fish. One of  the Friends of the Mahoning River’s goals is to remove these dams and restore the river to its natural state.  The dam in […]


Canoe Launch at the B&O Station

A Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony was held on July 8, 2013 at the B&O Station’s Dock & Canoe in Youngstown, Ohio during the 2nd Annual Riverfest 2013


Canoe and Kayak the Mahoning River!

FOMR promotes recreational use of our river so that all may realize the benefits a healthy river system provides to our community and surrounding communities. We are in partnership with Trumbull Canoe Trails Paddling Club and welcome new members to join us on future paddling trips. We are an easy flat-water club.

Restoration and Preservation

October 17th FOMR Membership Meeting

Join the Friends of the Mahoning River at their October membership meeting on the 17th at 6:30 pm at the Oak Hill Collaborative on Oak Hill, in Youngstown, Ohio. We have committees working on all types of projects related to the Mahoning River, her watershed, and all kinds of fun and interesting things.  From installation […]