Friends of the Mahoning River realize that increasing the use of our river will increase the number of people interested in its care and stewardship. With this in mind, we promote the use of our river in many ways.

Upcoming Events:

Kayak and Canoe Trips

FOMR regularly attends kayak and canoe trips on our river. Some are organized by our members and some are organized by our friends with Trumbull Canoe Trails. Most of the Mahoning River as it runs through our area is considered flat water, or easy paddling. You will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the river, and the wildlife and vegetation that line its shores can be.

Visit our partners, Trumbull Canoe Trails and the  Mahoning River Paddling, Restoration Group, or Mahoning River Adventures to take a trip on the Mahoning!


While there are advisories about what you can eat from the river, fishing is enjoyed by many who frequent the Mahoning’s shores. The river has recovered well over the last 30 years. This is evident in the type of fish found in it’s waters. Everything from catfish to northern pike and muskie.

Photography and Bird Watching

There are a wide variety of birds to be seen on the river. We get to see many Blue Heron who fly forward from tree to tree in front of our canoes. It is also very common nowadays to see Bald Eagles soaring overhead.

Story Map Tour of the Mahoning River

Click the image below for an interactive tour of the river.