Thank you for preserving the Mahoning River for future generations.

Your support funds critical projects that bring communities to the river, improve recreational access, and improve water quality so that this river will thrive.


Choose Your Level of Support

Even small donations make a big difference and we appreciate your support. To show our thanks for your contribution, your donation gives you access to these benefits:

$10 Donation: Membership

Membership with the Friends of the Mahoning River gives you access to events throughout the year and grants you voting rights in our leadership elections each March.

$25 Donation: Pumpkinseed

The pumpkinseed is a freshwater fish and a good indicator of clean water. Your additional support means that you believe the Mahoning River can be a healthy, clean waterway for all to enjoy. You’ll receive membership, along with a sticker to show your support.

$50 Donation: Northern Pike

Your commitment to the Mahoning river is fierce! Northern pike’s are predatory fish that thrive in waterways with a lot of vegetation. They rely on a healthy food chain and can grow to more than three feet in length. At this level, you’ll receive the benefits listed above, and a personalized thank you card for your support.

$100 Donation: River Otter

Who doesn’t love the playful and adventurous river otter? This semi aquatic mammal makes its den along the river bank and relies on a healthy waterway to live, hunt, and raise its pups. By supporting at this level, you’re encouraging healthy populations of river otters along the Mahoning. You’ll receive the benefits listed above, and you will be recognized on our website as an official “River Otter” supporter.

$1000 Donation: Bald Eagle

As a Bald Eagle level supporter, you believe the Mahoning River can soar to new heights.

The Mahoning River has come a long way — from a dumping ground for pollutants to a healthy recreational waterway and regional gem for viewing wildlife and natural beauty. Its transformation is because of people like you who care about the river and want to see it thrive. At the Bald Eagle level, your support helps the Friends pursue projects throughout the watershed and ensures that bald eagles will continue to soar here.

At this level, you’ll receive the benefits listed above and you will be recognized at our annual RiverFest event. Whether you are an individual supporter or would like to donate on behalf of your business, this is a great opportunity to give back and to be recognized in front of the Mahoning River community.

If you’re interested in sponsoring this year’s RiverFest in June in a bigger way, please reach out to our Board President, Patricia Natali Dunbar at

The Friends of the Mahoning River is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible. The tax ID number is: 900929240.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please send your check to:

Friends of the Mahoning River
1636 Squaw Creek Drive
Girard, OH 44420