River Cleanup in Girard

The Friends of the Mahoning River conducted a cleanup at both the Girard canoe and kayak launch as well as at the Girard dam. A large mound of trash was removed at both sites by volunteers including the whole backseat from a van. Thanks to these volunteers the trash will not end up in the … Continue reading River Cleanup in Girard

Mahoning River (Tire) Cleanup

On September 12th 2020 at 10:00 am we will be having a cleanup focusing on removing tires. Volunteers for the cleanup would be appreciated. It will rely on weather as we do not want to be in the rain and we no not want murky water as we need to see the bottom. Below is … Continue reading Mahoning River (Tire) Cleanup

Questions Remain About Enterprise Park

A letter by our very own member Colleen McLean was recently sent to the editor for the Tribune Chronicle and can be found on the Tribune's webpage as well as below. DEAR EDITOR: Questions remain regarding the proposed Enterprise Park development. In addition to destroying critical flood plains and degrading water quality, concerns should be … Continue reading Questions Remain About Enterprise Park