FOMR 2022 Hillsville Tire Cleanup

On July 23rd 2022 volunteers for the Friends of the Mahoning River removed 183 tires from the Mahoning River between Hillsville PA and Edinburg PA. Thank you Matthew Gregg, Deb McDowell, Brenda Walko, Joshua Boyle, Vickie Davanzo, Tom Smith, Brian Smith, Andrew Smith, Kristina Smith, Mark Hannan, Rocco Manginelli, and Raimon Shultz. 

Originally planned to run from 9–1, these volunteers worked well past the scheduled time due to finding so many tires. The group got on the water about 10 and didn’t get out until about 5:30. Thanks go out to Wayne and Lynn Ryan and their crew over at Soils Inc. They removed 22 of the 183 tires from the area around their business. And they allowed volunteers to drop off tires at their property. 

Thank you to Megan Murphy Gahring and her crew with Tri-County Cleanways. Megan helped organize the cleanup and she and her crew picked up all the tires at their staging points two days later. They then took them to Soils Inc where Liberty Tire Recycling picked them up a week later. This was made possible thanks to a grant we received from Bridgestone Tire and their Tires4ward program.