Raymond WEAN Foundation Scholarship

In September, the Raymond John Wean Foundation challenged non-profits in our area to submit entries for sharing how their organizations impact their communities.  Two main questions were asked:  What drives your passion for this work, and how would your organization leverage the 2019 AFP Ultimate Scholarship to benefit your work.

AFP is the Association of Fundraising Professions  – Mahoning-Shenango Chapter. The award for first place would be an AFP annual membership ($275 value) and AFP programs for one year ($200 value.) Eight organizations would be chosen to give presentations.  Sara Smith and  Patricia Dunbar were chosen to represent Friends of the Mahoning River, and Stuart Smith represented Hope for Newport Community Garden. All 3 are members of Friends.

All participants are now eligible to participate in one upcoming AFP event during the next year.  Although neither Friends nor the Community Garden was the prize winner, it was very rewarding to hear about so much being done by volunteers as each of the 8 participants presented their organizations so well.

Pictured below are presenters for the organizations including to the right Friends members Patricia Dunbar, Sara Smith, and Stuart Smith.