Thank You!

As a group, we are very appreciative of the support given to us by Todd Franko, the Editor of the Youngstown Vindicator.  Friends has been busy this spring at the Spring Commons Park located by the Mahoning River and the historic B & O Banquet Hall.

Through the support of Neighborhood SUCCESS, a program of the Raymond John Wean Foundation, we were granted funds to install a metal pipe railing along the footpath by the dock of the river beside the Spring Commons Park. Wheatland Tube donated $1,500 in pipe to be used to construct the handrail.  

Funds were also allocated through the SUCCESS grant to power wash the dock and refinish it with a wood preservation finish.  And, large stepping stones will soon be in place to form a safe walk from the park to the footpath.  All this is done by the cooperation of our many Friends of the Mahoning River who come in from many communities to serve in the goal of improving the quality of the Mahoning River through education, restoration, and recreation.