Friends of the Mahoning River Applaud City of Warren for Installing Danger Dam Buoys on the River

2017 DANGER DAMN BUOY 8-31-17.jpg

In August, the City of Warren successfully installed four “Danger Dam” buoys on the Mahoning River to warn kayakers of dangerous water conditions ahead. Two of these buoys were placed at Packard Park in Warren, and two were placed before the train trestle bridge due north of the park.

The Friends Group helped this project become a reality by informing the city of Warren about the Navigation Aid Grants program issued by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. This year, the program provided grants to three Mahoning River cities to place danger dam buoys, including Youngstown, Girard and Warren.

Don Rex, a Board Member with the Friends Group said he’s glad to see the buoys in Warren now in place.

“The Summit St. low-head dam located downstream of Packard Park (upstream of Perkins Park) is particularly dangerous for downstream paddlers who are not familiar with the area. They can get swept up in the current from the dam and get trapped in the dam’s deadly hydraulics. These new buoys with “Danger Dam” written on them will hopefully give people enough warning time to get out of the water and portage their kayaks or canoes past the dam.”

About the Friends Group

The Friends of the Mahoning River advocates to improve the quality of the Mahoning River through education, restoration, and recreation. Each year they work with partners to host paddles on the river and teach people about water safety and paddling techniques. To learn more, visit and join their facebook group.