Friends of the Mahoning Present at Youngstown SOUP!

Youngstown SOUP 2014Youngstown Soup, a community dinner that provides micro grants to projects that benefit the community, had its first soup dinner and grant presentations on April 27, 2014 at the Calvin Center on Mahoning Avenue.

Friends of the Mahoning River had the opportunity to be one of the four presenters who had been chosen from all the applicants. Ultimately, we were not the recipient for the prize which was all the entry fee money collected that evening, but it did give an opportunity to let all in attendance know of our existence in the Valley.

Patricia Dunbar and Sara Smith had decided to give a presentation on making an environmentally-safe edible craft that would draw children to the Mahoning River to launch the craft. We would use the money for the food, appropriate signs and RiverFest expenses, an event held in June of each year to celebrate the awareness of the River and its impact on the Mahoning Valley.

We came back without the prize money and without our little craft made of a graham cracker, a marshmallow, peanut butter, pretzel and a tiny sour patch kid candy. A little boy at the table ate our demo piece. 🙂

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